Air Queen Nanofiber Masks Show High Filter Performance and Breathability

Due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus, countries have faced supply chain issues and have struggled to secure necessary personal protective equipment (PPE). Public officials have encouraged businesses and consumers to use face coverings and masks to help alleviate this shortage.

The Air Queen Nanofiber Filter Face Mask is a newly developed advanced filtering mask made from South Korea that provides high filtration efficiency and breathability. The nanofiber filter is created using a special electro-spinning process that produces micro-pores that provide a high level of protection (>96% based on independent Nelson Laboratory Results). In addition, the micro-pores allow more breathability and comfort while wearing a protective mask.


Air Queen Nano mask 


Traditional high filtering masks are used in the health care settings, however recent spikes in demand due to COVID-19 have shown the importance of these masks in corporate and general public settings. 

Most traditional masks use a MB filter that generates static electricity which has the function of absorbing dust. However, when the MB filter is exposed to moisture which has an electrical polarity, it absorbs an increased amount of moisture in a shorter period of time, making breathing more difficult. Nano-filters on the other hand filter fine dust using its densely tangled physical nano-structure and not static. It maintains high filtering efficiency even after 24 hours of coming in contact with moisture, providing users with longer wear, protection, comfort, and breathability.

Air Queen’s masks are also extremely lightweight weighing less than 4.38g and are designed ergonomically to cover the nose and chin for a tight comfortable fit. The adjustable nose wire and nylon straps allow the user to mold the mask to different face shapes. 

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Air Queen Nano Mask