[Air Queen] - Air Queen Feminine Care
[Air Queen] - Air Queen Feminine Care
[Air Queen] - Air Queen Feminine Care

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Large Super Slim with Wings Carton (20 Count)

Air Queen’s Large Super Slim Pads with Wings are perfect for moderate to heavy flow.

Made with natural ingredients including 100% certified organic cotton and advanced breathable materials to ensure comfort and secure protection. All pads are made without the use of any hazardous materials and are manufactured in South Korea home to one of the safest feminine care practices in the world. The large pads come with protective wings to ensure a secure and comfortable fit.

Number of pads: 20 Count (5pcs x 4 packs)

Length: 28 cm


  • Breathable nano-membrane to keep you dry throughout the day
  • Hypoallergenic and soft with 100% certified organic cotton cover
  • High-density absorbent and side gather panels for maximum protection against leaks
  • Non-toxic ingredients and adhesives
  • Chlorine and fragrance free
  • Super slim design with portable resealable packs

Friendly reminders when using product:

  • All packaging of cartons and packs will be in Korean text with English/French sticker labels.
  • Due to the distinctive qualities of 100% certified organic cotton, naturally formed fluff may appear and in some cases spots from the cotton/seeds.
  • Due to the distinctive qualities of breathable films, some degree of transparency in the water-resistance layer may appear depending on pad use. This is considered normal and safe to use.