Air Queen Breathable Organic Sanitary Pads

Air Queen released a new line of feminine care products in Canada originating from South Korea home to one of the safest feminine care practices in the world and a booming health & beauty industry.



Air Queen currently offers breathable organic sanitary pads, feminine cleansers and period panties. The pads use a specially engineered breathable film called the “nano membrane” that provides outstanding breathability and waterproofness. The nano membrane is a web structured layer where multiple levels of nanofibers are applied three-dimensionally ensuring liquid resistance and outstanding breathability. The nano membrane enhances the breathability of the pads by 20,000x and has 6x the moisture vapour transmission rate compared to conventional brands helping provide all day protection and minimizing odors.



The pads also use a 100% pure organic cotton cover for a soft fit and made without the use of any hazardous materials. The core provides reliable protection with a high-density absorbent with secured side panels to prevent period leaks.


Air Queen Breathable Pads

The pad sizes currently offered include medium (with wings), large (with wings)overnight (with wings), and liners. Each pad is packaged in an easy to use resealable portable pack that fits perfectly in your purse.

Learn more at or over on instagram: @airqueen_

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